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Hey guys! This blog is devoted to outfits and pieces that YOU could buy to dress and look like R5. These pieces may not be exact but it's the thought behind them that matters.

Run by Kate and Bea.
R5 Style
A blog about R5 fasion
Where can i get an R5 guitar pick neclace cuz everywhere i look there sold out

Then they’re sold out. The only reputable place to get them is r5rocks.com or from a concert. 

Where can I get the R5 loud shoes

I make some. If you’re serious, talk to Bea Lynch. 

the tour of 2014 will go the summer NYC?

This. Is. Not. R5. We don’t even USE this blog anymore! 

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Do you know what Riker Lynch's facebook is? Or Rocky's?

They don’t have public ones

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This blog is dead… 

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when is yr guys birthday?

This is a fan account… 

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is there anyway you could find the diamond cuff bracelet Ross wore at the N.B.T Finale Concert last year? =)

could you please submit a photo :) it will make finding it easier 

Hi! I was wondering if you needed more people on this blog? I love making R5 inspired outfits too on a website called Polyvore! If you don't need help it's totally fine, I understand. But I would love to help if you need it! - Leila :)

Aw that’s really sweet, sadly I kinda have a thing against polyvore (just because I don’t find it very easy to use if you want said items) but if you’re more interested in finding things on more normal websites that’d be awesome!

Do you have any Mack biker costume? Do you have Ross Lynch costume?

We could definitely find clothes to look like them, but I don’t know if there are any “Costumes”.

hey were does ross get his leather jackets and hoodies from thanks in advance

This isn’t an exact blog!